These Dogs Are Ready For Halloween

Halloween might still be a couple of weeks away, but these dogs can’t wait another second for their favorite holiday. They waited all year for this spooky month, so now they want to show off their awesome Halloween costumes to everyone. Here are the most adorably dressed-up dogs you’ll see this October.


DOg? Ghost? It’s a dhost.

Black dog in ghost costume

Getty Images / Anna Bizon

This dog loves Halloween – and it shows. Not only did it dress up as a scary ghost, but it also helped its parents decorate their living room with spooky jack-o’-lanterns and spiders. What a good (spooky) dog!



Shar pei dog wearing dracula costume

Getty Images / RooM / anniepaddington

Have you ever wondered what Dracula would look like if he was a dog? Well, this is your answer: he would look adorable. For this spooky season, this gorgeous Shar Pei dressed up as his favorite character and it looks ready to go around his neighborhood asking for sweets.


Teddy (Bear) Dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Wearing Bear Costume in Grass

Getty Images / Moment / Paul Park

This Pembroke Welsh Corgi dressed as a teddy bear might be the most adorable thing we have seen all day – along with the other adorable dogs in this article, obviously. Even though his costume isn’t as spooky as the other ones, we still think he deserves all the trick-or-treat candy!