These House Plants Will Bloom All Year Round

One of the most enjoyable activities is decorating our homes. And there is no better way to spruce up the place than with some bright green house plants! However, it can be tricky to choose the ones that will thrive best inside your home. Here are a few popular house plants that are known to bloom all year round.


Devil’s Ivy



Getty Images/Wachirawit Iemlerkchai/Moment


Devil’s Ivy is truly a miracle plant and is known to thrive year-round without needing too much attention! So if you don’t have direct sunlight in your apartment and can’t remember to water your plants every day, this is definitely the one for you.


Spider Plant



Getty Images/Nick Daly/Cultura


This plant has a creepy-crawly name, and we can see why! Its many, many leaves make this plant a super popular option for living room tables and shady balconies. Interestingly, having more leaves does NOT mean it needs more water and sunlight. In fact, this resilient plant only needs to be watered once a week.


Swiss Cheese Plant



Getty Images/baranova_ph/Moment


The reason behind this beloved house plant’s name is pretty apparent. Those unusual-looking holey leaves make this plant super recognizable in a plant shop, which might be part of the reason why the Swiss Cheese Plant is one of the most popular house plants.