These Six Veggies Come From The Same Plant

Did you know that sometimes more than one vegetable can come from the same plant? Well, the Brassica oleracea is one of these special plants. Also known as wild cabbage in its uncultivated form, the Brassica oleracea has been bred by farmers for hundreds and hundreds of years into dozens of different varieties. So the following vegetables all come from this same plant.


Brussel Sprouts & Cabbage


A row of small sprouts following a large cabbage against blue and yellow background

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Richard Drury


Yes, cabbage and Brussel sprouts come from the same plant. They certainly look similar if we don’t take their size differences into consideration, and this is why. While Brussel sprouts come from the plant’s lateral leaf buds, cabbage comes from the terminal leaf buds.


Broccoli & Cauliflower


Green, yellow, purple and white cauliflower against green background

Getty Images / Moment / Christine von Diepenbroek


Surely everyone knows these ones have to be related. Broccoli and cauliflower look the same, except for their colors! While broccoli comes from the flower buds and stem of the plant, cauliflower comes only from the flower buds of the Brassica oleracea.


Kale & Kohlrabi


A piece of kale on pink background

Getty Images / Photodisc / Daniel Grizelj


These very different vegetables also come from the very same plant. While the Brassica oleracea’s leaves are what we know as kale, its stem is known at the grocery store as kohlrabi.