Things Everyone Does On Planes That Are Annoying

It is a universally accepted fact that public transportation is the absolute worst. For some of us, this means being stuck in the middle seat, crying babies, and endless lines for the bathroom. With millions of people flying each year, it only makes sense that there will be drama in the skies. Think about it: lots of people crammed like sardines all in one small space. It’s not an ideal situation. So here are some things we all have done at one point or another, and maybe you’ll think twice before doing it again.


Stretching your legs basically everywhere.


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How many of us have been on a long train ride and wished to just fall asleep? Um, all of us. That’s why as rude as this man is, we can’t help but understand the subway commute struggle.


Walking around barefoot


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There are some things in this world that should just be a given. Walk on the right side of the road, give your seat up for the elderly or a pregnant woman, and another? Keep your shoes on in public places!


Making yourself right at home



Why, yes! Please make yourself right at home on this aircraft. It’s not like there are maybe hundreds of other passengers on the same plane as you. And they also have luggage. *Eye roll emoji*


Bringing the spa to you


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Okay, we’ve all been caught in a situation when you need to freshen up on a commute. But the thing is: don’t take it to another level. A quick freshen up doesn’t mean a straight up spa sesh.


Learn your place and respect your neighbor’s space


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And most importantly: respect your neighbor’s personal space! No one wants to be bothered by your body parts or anything of the sort. Stick to your own personal bubble and everything will be just fine. Happy flying!