Things That Are Weirdly Satisfying

You know that feeling when you’re sitting in the office on a Thursday and just willing it to be the weekend already when suddenly you look at your phone, realize it’s actually Friday?! Isn’t that just the most satisfying feeling in the world? How about waking up before your alarm, and realizing you don’t have to get up yet? You can finally appreciate being cozy in your bed, and not have to rush to get ready. There are many things that make us feel oddly satisfied, and not all of them make sense.

Have you ever walked into a supermarket right after the shelves have been stocked? Or bought a massive grocery shop, and the bill at the checkout ends with a 0 (no need to faff around with the cents)? There are even some things that we actively choose to do, just because they are so satisfying; stepping on crunchy leaves in the fall and popping bubble wrap whenever we get a package delivered. Remember the last time you bought a new phone or tablet, how did it feel when you peeled that protective plastic off?

Getty Images /Brand X Pictures / PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou

And in the summer, after being in the heat outside, the sensation you get when you feel that first blast of cold air entering a building – priceless. There’s even something satisfying about watching cleaning videos. There’s just something about watching someone scrub at the grime on a surface and see it be magically transformed into something shiny and sparkling again. YouTube is filled with a plethora of videos of satisfying things to watch, where you can spend hours watching a slinky fall perfectly, squishy things pushed through fences, and things fitting perfectly into tight spaces.

Of course, there are satisfying things that need no explanation, such as that moment when you find a $5 bill in your pocket that you forgot about, or managing to toast your bread just the perfect amount (it’s so annoying when it’s too pale or too crispy). It’s even better if you reach to open a brand new jar of peanut butter and see the smooth perfection at the top, followed by spooning out a perfectly smooth scoop. But one of the most satisfying things of all has got to be getting into a freshly-made bed after a long day.