Things To Ask Your AI Device

Many were suspicious of AI when it first came out. But over time, we’ve gotten used to it, accepted it, and even invited it into our homes. We’ve come a long way from asking Siri simple questions on our iPhones. Between Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, everything is covered. We can link up our devices to smart plugs and smart devices, set ‘scenes’ and ‘settings’ for things to turn on and off automatically. Or you can simply just ask your device to do it for you.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Luis Alvarez

In addition to the simple tasks like ‘turn on the light’ and ‘set a timer’, you can ask most devices to play music, provide weather updates and even read your recipes out loud. We’re not sure who the first person was that thought to ask Alexa to tell them a joke, but the capabilities of AI go further than that, and we’re here to share some ideas with you, for you to try out at home with your device. The first thing we recommend is asking Google to sing you a song …she’s actually pretty talented! She has a few different ones that she chooses at random, and she can rap too! Most devices are quite witty with movie references. Try asking if we’re in the Matrix, saying you see dead people, winter is coming or simply ‘I am your father’. You can even ask most devices to make fart noises, laugh, bark and meow.

A great tool for entertainment, you can ask Alexa her opinion on various matters. For example, what happens if you stand on Lego, if she likes pizza and if she believes in ghosts. If you want to dig deep, you can ask your AI to marry you, what they want to be when they grow up, or even the meaning of life. Finally, one of the best things you can and should ask all of your devices, is their opinion on the other popular AI devices. Funnily enough they seem to have a good repor with each other.