This Pup Is SO Excited To Visit Target With Her Owner

Meet Zira, the happiest Corgi in all of Target!

As you can see… she’s having the time of her life at the retail mega-chain. Apparently this is her second trip to Target, but she was sleeping for the duration of her last visit.

When Zira and her loving owner were cruising down the isles of Target, they bumped into a dog lover who was stunned by little gorgeous Zira and went ahead to pet her. Zira Loved it and started licking her as well as kiss her face after being picked up.

Zira gets spoiled a lot, and she loves almost every kind of toy! Her adorable photos have been published by her owner over social media and attracted over 450k likes and 127k retweets. Now that’s a “Celebridog!”

Apparently Zira isn’t the only dog who loves to visit Target. This is Jake, and if you were wondering about the mohawk… it’s natural 😉

I guess humans aren’t the only ones who like Target!