This Robot Was Made for Lovin’

Let’s face it, the age of robots is upon us. And as we slowly but surely approach the day in which we’ll be walking alongside our bionic pals, we might find ourselves asking a certain question: What are robots for? When we think of robots, we usually tend to imagine all the different ways in which they can make our life easier: Doing our laundry, making our food, maybe even paying our bills. However, the Lovot Companion Robot, or LOVOT for short, is pretty much useless when it comes to the daily chores. And though he doesn’t have much of a helping hand to lend, he’ll definitely be down to give you his heart.

LOVOT is designed for pretty much two purposes and two purposes only: to love and to be loved. He’s a needy, attention-hungry, adorable companion, whose cuteness and lack of basic practical skills make him pretty much a RoboToddler. And unlike most robots which have a hard, metallic exterior, LOVOT is soft, warm, and perfect for cuddling. In fact, every part of him is designed to be cute and loveable – he’s got innocent little puppy eyes, two small penguin flippers for arms, and his ‘fur’ makes him look like he’s wearing an oversized hoodie. I mean, how could anybody ever hope to resist this level of cuteness?

Gettyimages/ Tomohiro Ohsumi/ Getty Image News

The proud manufacturers of LOVOT are GROOVE X, a small start-up company located in oh-so-futuristic Tokyo. According to the official LOVOT website, the idea behind LOVOT is pretty simple. They believe that technology should be used only to make the world more convenient and the people that inhabit it more efficient. To them, LOVOT is proof that technology can serve purposes much more emotional and ‘human’, such as building connections, keeping us company, and providing us with much-needed affection and acceptance. The future has never seemed so wholesome!