This Waitress Was Just Doing Her Job, But What She Did Changed Her Life

According to waitress Evoni Williams, she was simply doing her job. But the simple gesture she did had a lot of people notice.
Adiren Charpentier, a 78 old year old diner needed help cutting his breakfast at a Texas Waffle House restaurant.  While Williams could have chosen to ignore the man, she decided to help him enjoy his meal and cut his food for him.
Another diner at the restaurant however, Laura Wolf noticed what she was doing and took a picture. She posted it on Facebook, and it quickly went viral.  She wrote on the caption that although it may seem small, for him, it’s huge, and that she is grateful for these acts of kindness in the world.
Williams had been trying to save up for college, but with this act of kindness, her wait ended.  Once the Facebook photo had gone had viral, she was noticed by the entire city, and most importantly, Texas Southern University offered her a $16.000 scholarship.  They were touched by her compassion and impressed with her incredible customer service.
The support that Williams has gained on social media for her altruism has changed her life and she is an inspiration to all.