Thoughtful Gifts to Give

Sentimental gifts are physical manifestations of deep care and precious memories. It does not seem fair to simply present your loved ones with a store bought gift. After all, it is the thought that counts. It can get quite difficult to decide on a thoughtful gift for someone close, something they will cherish and derive happiness from. To ease that difficulty, here is a list you can refer to when you need some ideas for sentimental gifts to present to a loved one.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Bestie Van Der Meer

Hand written notes – the ultimate sweet and sentimental gift. Write some letters for your loved one to be opened only at a specific time for example, open when you had a bad day, or open when you need encouragement, or even open when you feel happy. The contents of the letters depend entirely upon you based on the personality of the person and what you think they will need to hear at that time to know they are loved.

Customized or engraved jewelry – jewelry is a standard gift to give a close one and already considered a symbol of deep love and affection. If the jewelry is engraved with a secret message, it becomes even more beautiful. The message can be anything from a note of affection to an inside joke. The jewelry becomes a special symbol of your relationship.

A cookbook – this may sound odd, but a cookbook filled with your own and your family’s recipes symbolized trust and acceptance. It is the ultimate family heirloom and a way to remember those before you as well. A calendar full of cherished pictures – this is a way of highlighting and always keeping your cherished memories displayed and fresh in your memories.A customized puzzle – turn their favorite family picture into a puzzle, keeping everyone entertained for hours with a sweet surprise at the end!