Thoughtful Things To Do If Your Friend Is Going Through a Tough Time

This helpless feeling comes when a friend is going through a tough time and we’re unable to help. Naturally, you’ll want to offer them as much support as possible, whether they’re going through a terrible breakup, a family death, a health issue, or something else. However, the appropriate words do not always come to mind. Even when attempting to assist, it can feel as though you’re doing everything wrong. Here are some recommended ways to assist when you’re unsure how to help.

Honestly, cards and thoughtful notes will never go out of style. So, send a letter or card telling your buddy you care and how much they mean to you. Then, you can decide to go creative on the card and design with your own take on how best to present it. Cards are sentimental and can make your friend feel loved and valued.

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You could offer to hang out with them. Hanging out doesn’t have to involve fun activities and talk. Just showing them your presence indicates that you want to be present for their needs. This method is simple but so effective.
Most people dealing with challenging situations often lose motivation to do work and errands. Offering to help with your friend’s daily duties might lift a huge burden off their backs during this period. Doing their laundry or running to the shop for them may relieve their tension and make dealing with their problems more manageable. It will also demonstrate your concern for them.

Send a brief text to check if they require any assistance or schedule a visit with a few food necessities. It’s an effective method to express concern.
Lastly, keep checking in on them. If you haven’t heard from your friends in a while, send a text to see how they’re doing. And keep doing so for as long as it feels necessary.