Three Rules to Start Loving Yourself

It is so much easier these days to knock ourselves down, make comparisons on how a million things are going wrong, feel less motivated, and think you are not enough. To say the least, you are enough, there are bigger things out there waiting on you and all you must do is fight for them. One decision that will influence all other choices you make, is simply the obligation to love and acknowledge oneself. It influences the nature of your relationships, work, energy, confidence, and future. Why then is this so difficult to achieve?

Self-love opens you to self-worth. As the world becomes more and more universal, we find ourselves making comparisons not only with our inner circle but with the world at large. Comparisons tend to shift our focus from our uniqueness to the “flaws/imperfections”. The first rule of self-love is meditation, if you are wondering why, this is because self-love is a learned act and not something you’re given in a day or born with. The reason you must start with this is to constantly remind yourself and create a strong mental space in situations where you become overwhelmed.

Getty Images / Tetra images / JGI/Jamie Grill

Our instinct is to react almost immediately to things as they occur. On the path of self-love, patience is indeed a virtue. Often people seek an immediate change when they begin the self-love journey and what they often fail to realize is that time aids in better comprehension and healing of past wounds. This perhaps is the most important rule, be patient with yourself!

Finally, self-love isn’t a selfish agenda but rather filling yourself with love, joy, creativity, and inspiration. It is what I refer to as a me-time, where you have made an active decision to appreciate your person. Watch an increase in your self-confidence and develop healthier relationships with others.