Times People Encountered Jerky People

The truth is that sometimes people can be total jerks. Okay, yes, each one of us has the ability to be less-than-pleasant all the time, but some individuals seem to just throw all decency out the window. Here are some hilarious pictures other people shared of the mark jerks leave on the world. Enjoy!



Front Row Seats



Dude, the theatre is empty. You can literally sit wherever you want…and you choose to be *that* guy.


Epitome Of Laziness




Alright, confession time: raise your hand if you’ve ever done this? Yes, we all have at one point, but at least we feel guilty about it.


Why Though?




Never ever is it acceptable to sit on the produce in a food store. Lady, we aren’t sure if you know this but other people actually eat those things. That’s just nasty.






Why does anyone need to bring a laptop to a concert? Why is he being so extra? These are the questions.