Random Things Seen At The Beach

Hakuna Matata! Kick back and relax. Life’s a beach. Whatever motto you live your life according to, sometimes you have to not take life so seriously. And these people are really taking the joke to the next level. These pictures are some of the most unexpected things spotted at the beach. Yes, we have questions too.


You goat to be kidding me



Summertime means many things. Slushies, floaties, tanning spray…and goats? For those of us who cannot be parted from our furry friends, there is no possibility of hitting the beach without your bestie.


New lifeguard uniform



Batman without Robin is like peanut butter without jelly or avocado without toast. That may explain why Batman is looking so blue.


B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pool)




Allow us to explain it from a parents perspective. Maybe the kids don’t know how to swim or the parents want to relax and not worry about them swimming in the rough ocean water.


That looks itchy



Though this picture is hilarious, it is also not so funny to think about where she could have possibly gotten these starfish from? Readers: please do not take wildlife out of the ocean! 


Mi casa es su casa



The definition of a beach bum: an individual who brings a pull-out couch to the beach just so they can get their tan on while in the comfort of their own home. Jealous much?


Don’t feed the monkeys



Everybody needs to follow some rules of life. Walk on the right side of the road, be polite, hug your parents, and don’t feed the wildlife!