Tinder For Animal Adoption

Anyone and everyone who has used Tinder or other similar dating apps know very well that a cute animal in a profile picture is always a winner.  Ever think about what it would be like though if the photo was just a cute animal?

And to shake things up even more, what if it was the adorable pooch looking for love? Well this is a unique idea that some animal shelters are trying out.

Karen Hirsch, the public relations direction at LifeLine Animal Project in Georgia explains how they are constantly trying to find new methods of getting their dogs adopted into good homes.

With over 50 million people using Tinder across the globe, this animal shelter decided that they too should try experimenting with online dating apps. Their pets are in need of love too.  Pet adoption is a highly competitive world, with approximately 6.5 million cats and dogs in shelters throughout the U.S annually.

This shelter so far has created 22 profiles for their cats and dogs. Each pet has a volunteer that monitors their profile and organizes the match.  In crowded shelters, it’s hard to get noticed as a pet. But on dating apps, the pet can truly stand out.
So far, the response rate has been great. The animals are getting tons of matches and there’s been several match inquiries.  For humans, this new concept is pretty beneficial too. They can now find love on dating apps just when they were ready to give up.