Tiny House For Sale On Amazon

Minimalism is truly in style these days. From fancy restaurant portions to recent wardrobe trends like Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” method, it’s clear that we as a society have adopted the attitude that less is more. Apparently, this trend applies to houses as well. The tiny house movement has been gaining traction for a while now. Curious social media users can follow the Instagram pages of these tiny home-owners, many of whom live in non-conventional abodes such as charming recreational vehicles and revamped school busses. Just recently, Amazon has gotten in on the action as well. The e-commerce corporation, which lists products by millions of independent sellers and businesses, now features tiny homes on its giant platform. One such listing is a five-room tiny home that’s currently available for $33,000.

Getty Images/Tony Anderson/DigitalVision

The tiny home is listed on Amazon as the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit. “If you are searching for a cabin with a functional floor plan, take a look at Allwood Avalon,” the company writes. “540-square-foot combined ground floor area with a 218-square-foot sleeping loft (whereof 53 SQF with min. 48″ headroom) allows many room allocation options.” The product description goes on to add, “This cabin can be a lake house, guest house, beach or garden cottage, or even a stand-alone retail building.” The company confirmed that all of the cabin’s materials are made of durable Nordic spruce wood. They also mentioned that their tiny homes would be great for areas with lower temperatures, writing, “Avalon is very energy efficient and well suited even for colder climates,”

For those looking for a way to minimize their lifestyle and consumption while also saving quite a few bucks along the way, tiny homes are the perfect solution. Whether you opt for a rustic log cabin or just a miniature version of your dream home in the suburbs, the options are truly endless. This trend comes at a great time for those are struggling to save for a mortgage, or just want to live with less.