Tips for New Moms

Surprisingly, we often find it hard to care for ourselves, then one day you wake up, and everything changes. You don’t only have to care for yourself but someone else too. It is never easy for anyone. Nobody has it all figured out from the hormonal changes, physical changes, sleepless nights, diaper frenzy, and dealing with these bundles of joy as toddlers and teenagers. It is constantly nerve-racking, but in the end, it’s worth it. It always is.

For first-time moms, you must surround yourself with people who love and support you. Attend antenatally, and visit your doctor at least twice a week. Please don’t be too shy to ask questions. Any observation you make or changes you notice, no matter how little, is not insignificant; tell someone about it, preferably someone with experience or medical personnel.
Certain healthy habits to practice include watching your diet and your habits. Any decision will ultimately affect your baby, so your decisions should not be centered on you alone. Although most times, hormonal changes control your appetite, it is also important that you watch what goes into your body. Regular exercise helps develop healthy habits like meditating, painting, or drawing. Even taking slow, steady-paced habits or even gardening is perfect too.

For some, post-delivery is when it gets tough. Even after delivery, it takes a while for your body to return to normalcy, but it’s never the same. It’s not weird if you can’t help but stare at that tiny human being for hours. It’s perfectly fine. Breastfeeding is relatively new, which is why antenatal care is important to attend to and ask questions.

Your sleeping pattern will change for the first few nights or months but try taking short naps as often as possible; study your child closely and take note of the sleeping patterns. Raising a child is like going on a quest and discovering new things. It’s a journey you both embark on together. The most important thing is to love and bond with your child; you’ll figure the rest along the way.