Tips on How to Medicate Your Pets

If giving pills to kids is already a tedious chore, medicating your pets is a lot worse. Especially when your pets know what’s happening. They can resist, making the process frustrating or bite you in the process. Here are some tricks to medicating Miko, your favorite dog.


Turn it into a treat.

Cats love fish like tuna and salmon, while dogs love yogurt, cheese, etc. So the next time you medicate your pets, mix the pills into their food /treats to hide the unpleasant taste.


Turn the medication process into a competition.

This trick works when you have more than a single pet. Dogs are very competitive and like to show off to their owners to win their affection. When medicating dogs, prepare pills and toss them to dogs. Their competitive spirit will get them to rush and devour the medication.


Rub treats on their fur.

Cats enjoy licking their purs to remove dirt and other particles. Then, mix pills with their favorite food, rub them all over their paws, and watch them lick it off.


Use a pill gun.

Consider getting a pill gun to make medicating easier. Use the pill gun to shoot the pills to the back of their throat.


Be loving when medicating pets.

Handle your pets with care when attempting to medicate. For example, try muzzling and rubbing their paws and gently prying their mouths open to apply medication. This gentle approach makes the experience pleasurable; they don’t have to dread so much the next time.