Reading Inspiration For 2018

Many times we find ourselves wanting to read a lot of books but end up getting through 1-2, and boom, the year goes by…

I consider myself one of those people, but 2018 will be the year I change that. Here are some great tips to help us read the amount we always wished to.

1. Be realistic and set a realistic goal.

A great app to help with that is ‘Goodreads’. The app gives you an option to set the amount of books you would like to read. Don’t be tempted to set a high amount just because your friends are reading 30 books a year. Start with twelve books (1 per month). If you see yourself reading at a faster rate, you can always re-adjust your goal.

2. Make a goal of how many pages to read per day, or a specific amount of time reading per day.

So either 30 minutes / 1-hour sessions, or 20 pages / 2 chapters a day. Don’t overdue it and set an amount that isn’t realistic. That type of approach might be too much and could eventually backfire.