Top Christmas Party Snacks

The festivities have started and the air has begun to sparkle. Between the glasses of eggnog and mugs of mulled wine, we’re here to help spread the cheer with the top party snacks to serve at your Christmas party. Whether it’s a big do or a small gathering, a work event, or for family and close friends, these delicious finger foods will be a crowd-pleaser.

Beef wellington is a Christmas classic. You can easily transform this decadent dish into bite-size portions by carefully slicing the tenderloin once cooked, and wrapping each piece with your chosen fillings such as parmesan or mushrooms, in a square of puff pastry. Squares of puff pastry can also be pressed into muffin trays and topped with brie and cranberries to give scrumptious bites. If you have any leftover puff pastry, you can wrap up some cocktail sausages too.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Annie Otzen

Serve these on a tray, or arrange them around a dipping sauce, adorned with fresh rosemary to create a lovely wreath. You can also create a healthier wreath with a variety of different olives, and a bowl of toothpicks in the middle. Placed right next to a perfect cheese board will be a sure way to make sure people keep snacking! Stuffed mushrooms would also be great at this table; from nutty flavors to cheesy mixes or maybe some salty bacon. Add a bowl of crispy fried mashed potato balls to top it off nicely.

Why not whip up a batch of cheese-stuffed pull-apart rolls, and arrange them to look like a Christmas tree. Or maybe some pinwheels instead of the rolls – you can mix up the flavors with pizza or ham and cheese, and even pesto and pine nuts to add a bit of festive color. A quick no-bake option is to use green tortillas and fill them with simple sandwich fillings, and then slice them and stack them up like a 3D Christmas tree.