Top Female Comedians in America

America has long been home to some of the best comedic talents in the world. From stand-up comedians to television writers and sketch artists, America’s comedy scene is full of talented individuals who consistently push boundaries with their work. Among this talent pool are many female comedians who have made an indelible mark on American culture with their wit, insight, and charm. From trailblazers like Lucille Ball to modern-day stars like Amy Schumer, here are some of the top female comedians in America today.

Actress-writer Amy Schumer

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Kevin Winter

Lucille Ball was one of the most successful female comics in history; she starred in her own sitcoms I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show as well as numerous films throughout her career. Her unique brand of physical comedy combined with her quick wit endeared her to audiences across generations, making her one of America’s most beloved performers even after her death in 1989. Her influence can still be seen today through countless homages by modern comedies such as 30 Rock and Parks And Recreation which featured recreations of the classic I Love Lucy sketches. Another iconic figure that continues to shape American comedy is Ellen DeGeneres. After gaining fame through her stand-up comedy and TV sitcom Ellen, she has since become a world-famous talk show host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She is known for her unique brand of observational comedy and commitment to social justice issues. Her success has earned her numerous awards including multiple Emmys and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Amy Schumer is one of the biggest names in comedy today. Following a breakout performance on Last Comic Standing and her hit sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, she has since become a box office star with hits such as Trainwreck and I Feel Pretty. Her comedy ranges from observational stand-up to more absurdist sketches, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in comedy and beyond.