Top Sarcastic Jokes To Tell

Sarcasm is when you say one thing but mean something entirely different. It’s primarily a verbal tactic to put someone down. You’ve just indulged in sarcasm by saying, “Yeah, he is a true mental giant,” while rolling your eyes. Sarcasm can range from friendly ribbing to purposeful humiliation, but it is always mocking. As in the preceding example, sarcasm can be overt or subtle and deadpan. Most people know someone who makes sarcastic remarks while maintaining a straight face, leaving listeners wondering if he meant what he said. That’s because the scathing statement could be valid on a literal level. For example, if you say, “She’s incredibly gorgeous,” you could mean it. What determines the statement’s validity is the tone and accompanying gestures.

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Until someone pulls out a bubble wrap, we’re all adults. My girlfriend has a habit of snatching my tees and sweatshirts, but if I swipe one of her clothes, “we need to talk,” she says. How come I always seem to purchase plants without any desire to live? When we couldn’t remember my father’s blood type, he died. He kept telling us to “be positive” as he died, but it’s difficult without him. When someone hands you their kid, you can say, “I’m a vegetarian.” I’m hoping the person who invented Autocorrect burns in hello! Women display 90% of their body when wearing a bikini; men are so courteous that they gaze at the covered parts.

Before I pass judgment on someone, I put myself in their shoes for a mile. So when I do pass judgment on someone, I’m a mile away and wearing their shoes. I’m a natural at maintaining secrets. The folks I tell them to are the ones who can’t. I’m not sure why everyone thinks I’m insane. I’m entirely sane, according to the voices! Flexing your sarcastic muscles with clever puns and sarcastic jokes now and then is like polishing your intelligence on a whetstone. After all, sarcasm is regarded as a sign of wit and originality.