Toy Story: 3 Fun Facts About Woody and His Friends

Released back in 1995, Toy Story became an instant hit. The movie was the first entirely computer-animated feature film ever made, as well as the first full-length feature film ever released by Pixar. It was such a success that Toy Story became the highest-grossing film on its opening weekend. And to celebrate this record-breaking franchise, here are three fun facts about Woody and his friends.

The Original Woody

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Gerardo Mora

Woody was not originally meant to be a cowboy. Apparently, the character was first created as a ventriloquist dummy who treated Slinky Dog and Buzz pretty poorly. The writers wanted him to wind up selfless in the end, so their strategy was to make him selfish in the beginning. Thankfully, the team realized that an unlikeable ventriloquist dummy was not the best way to portray this character, so he eventually became the kind cowboy we know and love.