Tricks For Eating Healthier At Home

Home cooking is the greatest. Groceries are so much cheaper than eating at restaurants or ordering take away. And on top of all the hard earned money that cooking can save you, it also allows you to know exactly what’s in your food and have control over what you eat.

But although it sounds really simple to keep healthy and cook at home, it’s not always so easy for most of us with busy lives and schedules. Here are some tricks for eating healthier at home.

Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep.  It’s seriously the key ingredient to making sure that you’ll stay on track with your healthy eating at home goal. One idea is to chop a ton of vegetables on Sunday so that you have them ready for the entire week so use to make stir-fries, roasted vegetables, or salads in no time throughout the entire week.

If you have some leftover vegetables and fruits, then you can freeze them rather than throwing them away and use them to making smoothies, a very simple and fast way to have breakfast ready to take with you on the go.

Another great trick to ensure that you stick to eating healthy home cooked meals is making stews and soups in large quantities. It’s nearly the same amount of work needed to make a smaller portion, and saves a whole lot of time in the long run.  That way you have ready made, hearty food whenever your heart desires.

If you have the time to make fresh food, using an Airfryer to cook chicken, fish or vegetables is a super nifty way to cut back on oil.