Two Exciting Recipes for making Popsicles at Home

Are you tired of your children binge-eating packaged and processed sugar-based ice lollies? Why not make them at home, from authentic fruity flavors and customizable options, in a way that pleases your concerns regarding excessive sugar consumption and the children’s taste buds at the same time? All you need to start is a pack of ice pop shaping containers, depending on if you’d like proper-sized ice pops or one bite. Two exciting and nourishing ways in which ice popsicles can be transformed into a healthy snacking option are discussed below:

Getty Images / Moment / istetiana

First is the Fruit Ice Pops. Fill half of the container with pineapple juice or water. Then, carefully submerge slices of peeled kiwis, hulled strawberries, and pomegranate seeds into the mold container until it is completely full. Leave the container in the freezer for 6 to 12 hours for perfectly frozen delicacies. Use slightly lukewarm water to separate the container from the popsicle and serve them directly on the plate.

Second is the dual-flavored yogurt popsicles. For this, take any biscuits of your choice and blend them. Add two tablespoons of condensed milk and blend again until you get a refined texture. Evenly layer the base of all popsicle molds with this mixture. Then for the first flavor, take both blue and red berries, add some more condensed milk with Greek yogurt and blend until a consistent texture emerges. Layer half of the popsicle with this mixture and leave it in the freezer for around 6-8 hours. Take one banana, a handful of diced strawberries, and one tablespoon of cinnamon for the second flavor. Mix all of these ingredients with water and coconut milk and store them separately. After the previous layer of the popsicle is frozen, add the contents of the strawberry mixture and freeze again for 6- 8 hours before serving.