Types of Pastas

Whenever we visit a restaurant, we are so overwhelmed by the huge menu that at times we prefer choosing our comfort food. This comfort food may vary for people but one of the most loved foods includes ordering pasta. The bowl feels more like a warm hug that compliments your hunger despite the season. However, it is important to know the food you are consuming may vary with different kinds of types.

You may have heard about the famous kinds of pasta including lasagna and penne but there are more than 30+ forms of pasta. Many people are always curious about the universal kind of pasta that works for all dishes but it is important to note that there is not a single kind of pasta that works for it all. This means that pasta needs to be used according to the recipe. For example, penne pasta is used for white sauce and red sauce pasta. This is because the pasta needs to hold a huge amount of sauce and one will only be able to taste those sauces if the pasta allows the sauce to be incorporated. One of the most known pasta types is “angel hair” which is the thinnest form of pasta. It is known to be the quickest pasta type, so whenever you are in a hurry just stir up some sauce and add use this kind of pasta.

Another very known type of pasta shape is the elbow macaroni. Elbow macaroni are widely used in salads and sauces as it has the potential to hold the contents as well. Furthermore, when chefs make spaghetti bolognese, they make sure that the kind of pasta that is used is good enough that it sticks to the pasta. Spaghetti does the job, it’s long and can fold into layers while picking up the meat.