Unbelievable History Facts They Didn’t Teach In School

Whether history class was your favorite subject or your nap hour, there is a lot of interesting information teachers leave out of their lessons. From turkey’s being worshipped as Gods to the first female pirate, there are some unbelievable gaps in history that would’ve made class way more interesting!


Turkeys were once worshipped as Gods.


At The Farm Of Harrison Bell In Welwyn, Great Britain, 6 Young Women Brought Back Turkeys From The Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner In The 1930

Getty Images/Gamma-Keystone-France


Turkeys are pretty much only popular when it comes to serving them on kitchen tables during Thanksgiving. But in 300 B.C., turkeys were viewed by the Maya as vessels of the gods and honored as such. The birds were domesticated to play a role in religious ceremonies. Turkeys were even coveted symbols of power and prestige. They were owned by the rich and powerful in society.


The first vending machines sold holy water.


A smiling woman posing next to an old vending machine

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Most of us assume vending machines are a relatively modern invention, but the earliest reference to the vending machine was in the first century in the city of Alexandria. But back then they weren’t buying potato chips or soda- they were buying holy water! His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed holy water. When the coin was inserted into the machine it fell on a pan attached to a lever. The lever would pull a cork out of a spigot and the machine would dispense the water.


All British tanks are equipped with tea-making facilities.



In 1944, a German tank ambushed almost thirty armored British vehicles in 15 minutes while the crew was having a tea break. This attack made the British realize that if they could make tea on the go, then they wouldn’t be susceptible to being caught by the enemy. After this incident, the next British designed battle tank, the Centurion, came equipped with a boiler fitted to the interior so the crew would never be without a cup of tea!


Fox Tossing was once a popular sport.



Fox tossing was a popular sport/pastime among Europe’s aristocracy during the 17th and 18th centuries. A person or couple would throw a fox as far and as high as they could. We’re just relieved that this sport is a relic of the past.