Unbelievable Kindness From Coworkers

Andreas Graff is a single dad who lives in Germany. Unfortunately he has been faced with a very difficult situation, his 4 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia.
The paid time off that Graff was entitled to was not even close to enough to meet the need’s of his son, and he was afraid that it was result in losing his job, putting his family in an even more challenging situation.
Thankfully, since there really are some incredible souls out there, the head of human resources at his company together with senior management and the worker’s union, created a donation pool from the overtime pay of other employees.
Your heart will be warmed when you hear that each and every one of the 700 employees of the company donated to the fund, approximately 3,300 overtime hours so that Graff could take care of his son.
Family leave laws sometimes put people in very vulnerable situations, especially so when it is a paternity situation.  Sometimes we get so caught up with all the heartbreak in the world that we forget how much good there really is. We need to continue to help each other as much as possible.