Understanding Pets with Sassy Personalities

As a pet lover, you may have heard that your pet tends to adopt your personality after a while. This is true. Much like how kids become like their parents, so do pets. This is because your pet learns your behavior and mannerisms. You see, you may not think it, but your pet watches you on a daily basis. Have you ever done something and your pet was right there with you? Or, have you ever gone about your day and noticed that your pet followed you the entire day? Well, this is called learned behavior. So, you don’t have to worry, your pet isn’t a stalker or anything.

Getty Images / Moment / Fernando Trabanco Fotografía

Now half of your pet’s personality is because of you and what they have learned from you, so pat yourself on the back. With that said, you may have noticed that your pet has a few characteristics that could be classified as being “sassy.” Much like humans, the personality and attitude of a pet evolve with time. So, your clingy little puppy might grow up to be a distant adult. This is because as time goes on they learn new things and, well, they even start to have their own opinions about things. So, when you tell them, “No,” they might have a different plan. This is why you might find your favorite shoes have a few chew marks.

You may think that dogs and cats are the only pets with sassy attitudes but you are wrong. Yes, they are the most common, only because more people own them. But what you don’t know is that there are a number of other types of animals that have really sassy attitudes, some of which even answer back. That’s right, we are talking about birds. More specifically, we are talking about songbirds and parrots. These birds are well known for having sassy attitudes.