Vegetables That Are Actually Adorable

When we think of the word cute, usually babies and tiny kittens come to mind. However, there are other things in this world that are actually totally adorable, and some of them are quite unexpected. One example of this is vegetables. Who would have thought that a potato could be quite so cute? Well, it turns at that they can be. Here are some regular supermarket-variety vegetables that are as adorable as they are nutritious.

Pint-Sized Potatoes

Getty Images/Wanwisa Hernandez/EyeEm

Awww, Is there anything quite this adorable? It’s pretty unlikely since these baby potatoes are the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. We’d feel bad turning them into mashed potatoes since they’re just so tiny and adorable. However, it would be a shame not to enjoy these miniature potatoes which are undoubtedly as tasty as they are cute. And there’s only one way to find out.