Ways To Curl Your Hair

It is essential to love your hair the way they are. You do not need to put excessive heating tools just to achieve that perfect look but if you think doing so will make you feel better, you should definitely go for it. This article will go through all the ways and equipment you can use to curl your hair.

You can curl your hair through a rod. Dyson air wrap is a very sensible investment considering the fact that it not only styles your hair but also minimizes the damage done to your hair. Dyson is a little expensive and challenging to get a hold of but once you are sure of how to use it, you will like no other hair product. However, if you are not ready for such a huge investment you can always curl your hair through a rod. Just take a strand of hair and twist your hair according to the rod. Do not keep the strand on the iron rod for longer than 5 seconds, otherwise, there is a fair chance that you may burn your hair. Release the strand and brush in the strand once for a softer curl.

You can also curl your hair with a straightener. This is a very easy yet very glamorous way to achieve the perfect blow-dry without actually blow drying your hair. Just place a hair strand between the two plates of the straightener and start twisting. Move slowly as otherwise it will only burn your hair and you will not be able to achieve the perfect curl. Let it sit for a while and spray a gloss spray on it for a more shiner hair look. You can also brush in once to achieve a softer and more blow-dried effect.