We All Know Someone Who Parks Like This

By Michael R. - January 18, 2018


There are some people who just never seem to get the whole ‘driving’ thing down. Whether it’s the highway tailgater, the turn signal hater, or the too-close-for-comfort parking spot holder, there are those certain people of every culture who simply do not possess the necessary skills that are required for operating a motor vehicle.

I present to you Exhibit A: this hilarious viral video of someone who just *can’t* figure out this whole ‘parking’ thing. Maybe their driving instructor let them off the hook too easy, because this person should not have been given a license to drive a car! Watch below and see if this driver reminds you of someone in your own life XD


Neighbour Can't Park

We all know someone who can't park for sh*t… ??

Posted by LADbible on Monday, January 15, 2018