Wedding Reception Games

Weddings are all about customs and traditions, but it doesn’t hurt to add some fun wedding games to make it lively and fun. Games are now included in weddings to make the day memorable for couples, their families, and guests. Here is a list of wedding games for guests of all ages and couples. First is the Wedding shoe game. It is a game intended for the bride and groom; both have to sit facing each other and exchange a pair of shoes. The guest has to ask the couple a random question, and they answer by lifting their shoes. This game helps the crowd get to know the couple better. Another game is Cornhole. It is a beautiful and fun lawn game for wedding events. Get a wooden board and corn bags, and paint the board to match the party color. Then, throw the corn bags into the hole to fetch points from a distance.


Scavenger Hunt is a different game that’s great for keeping kids interested during weddings, especially younger ones. They might be instructed to take images of anything or seek a specific item. Everyone who finishes the challenge will receive a prize. Flip Cup is an additional wedding game appropriate for adults. You may put water, juice, or other beverages in cups and start flipping. Finally, the game Find the Guest is another option. Please list the characteristics of a mystery person and distribute them to the attendees. Let them look about the area and locate them.

Another fun game to try is The Table Dance. This is a great way to take over the dance floor. Mark each table with the number and turn on the playlist. Place a note on the table showing a list of table numbers with a song to be played. This will remind the guest of the song they will dance to. Another fun game to try is the couple’s crossword. This is to test the guests’ knowledge about the new couples. Create a crossword and let the guest answer a couple of related questions. The person with the highest score wins.