What Have You Found In Your Morning Coffee?

Coffee, for many people, is fuel to fill up their tank. The caffeine is a fix they need to get their brains fully awake and body moving. But that doesn’t mean that coffee needs to be boring! Baristas are taking their coffee making skills to the next level with some of the most impressive art pieces we have ever seen. Take a look for yourself.


Out Of This World



Coffee art like this makes us appreciate the creative genius of the barista who created it.


The Artistic Process



And we all wonder the same thing: how do they do it? We’re guessing a steady hand, a vision, and practice, practice, practice!





This is the first time we have ever seen coloured foam coffee art and it is gorgeous. Where can we get one of these?!





Seriously, coffee art is no joke. Each one is more beautiful and cool than the last. Now excuse us while we go sign up for barista lessons 101.