What To Eat On Taco Tuesday

There are few things in life more satisfying than chomping into a delicious, mouthwatering taco. Honestly, we really can’t think of any. From the hot melty cheese to the savory ground meat, this Mexican dish is pretty much perfect in every way. Here are some truly inspiring photos that will get your taste buds tingling just in time for Taco Tuesday.


Classic & Crispy





In general, people love to switch things up. After all, isn’t trying new and exciting things exactly what life is all about? Well, not always. In the case of tacos, sometimes tried and true is really best. For the perfect Mexican themed dinner, look no further than the classic hardshell taco. Just a tip: this one is a crowd-pleaser, so make sure to make these by the dozens.


Feelin Flexible



Getty Images/istetiana/Moment


A little flexibility goes a long way. We seriously appreciate the way this soft-shell taco can be folded in half or rolled up, without ever cracking under pressure. That’s honestly exactly what we need in a taco. This softer version of the classic corn tortilla is not only delicious, but it’s perfect for mopping up any fallen sauce. And you know there will be plenty of that.


All Wrapped Up



Getty Images/Kyung Ri Han/EyeEm


Ok, fine. This one is not technically a taco. But that’s not going to stop us from chomping into it. Far superior to your average wrap, the burrito is actually quite similar to its hard-shelled cousin, the taco. Using a soft tortilla, this dish is rolled up snugly rather than folded in half. This alone makes it the perfect, mess-free dish for your Tuesday night family dinner.