What to Know About the Metaverse

In the world of the internet, there is one thing that everyone is excited about now and I am not talking about the monkey NFTs that everyone is buying. No, the hottest trend in tech right now is the Metaverse. And it is so hot because no one will stop talking about it. The metaverse is a virtual reality space where people can play games, connect with friends, and even go to virtual concerts, a parallel world on your computer or phone. With big company names like Apple, Nvidia, and Microsoft dedicating time there.

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta, short for Metaverse. So, yes, the metaverse is coming not that anyone asked these big companies for it. We should all be excited about it because the metaverse will let us build our own worlds and explore the limits of human imagination. Which makes you think you will be flying on dragons but here is the downside metaverse is being made by Microsoft and Facebook, so you know it is going to be boring.

A news report claims that Meta is hoping to bring remote workers into a similar virtual space called Facebook Workrooms. With Microsoft promising to immerse users in the workplace, integrating avatars and VR into teams. Powerpoint will be brought into the Metaverse as well. Bravo, exactly what we need, immersing myself into some pie chart, thank God. The metaverse presents endless possibilities and we are being handed powerpoint and virtual meetings.

There has been a land grab where real people are paying money to live in actual metaverse lands and with stars like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton taking part. With a piece of land close to Snoop Dogg’s planned mansion costing as high as $500,000. This is how bad the real estate market is, now one can’t even afford to live in a non-existent world. There is nothing more depressing than showing up to the metaverse needing a roommate.