What To Look For In A Relationship

Most people search for love for almost half of their lives. However, only a few are successful in finding the perfect partner. Looking for answers, we have realized that people are focused on finding a partner who has qualities that distinguish them from the rest of the world such as attractiveness, sense of humor, or reliability. These qualities are extremely necessary and people should have these but these should never be the scale.

Laws of attraction play a lot of tricks on our minds. We are compelled to think that people who compliment us are the perfect match for us, however, in reality, people who compliment us in negative ways are also considered to be attractive by our brains. We hope our partners will fix our existing emotional baggage. Furthermore, it is extremely important that while choosing a partner we escape our traumas of the past. Otherwise, we can never decide on someone for us who may genuinely be a perfect match for us but we might just be reliving our trauma.

You don’t get to know someone on the first date but there are some qualities that are essential in a good partner. For example, emotional maturity. It is extremely immature of a person to look for someone while carrying emotional baggage themselves. Looking for perfection is an idle quest so it is better to invest in relationships where you both are ready for growth. Moreover, ensure that your partner respects you for being you. Respect is an extremely important element in a relationship and should be valued at all costs. A major reason why relationships end is the lack of transparency and honesty from couples. It is essential for both people to give their 100% to the relationship and try avoiding reasons that bring conflict in your relationship.