When Nature Tries To Be Funny

There’s no doubt in the world that nature is planet earth’s most valuable and beautiful gift. Here and there however, nature decides to get funny and impressive us with it’s abilities.  These pictures will truly prove that nature has a great sense of humor, one that we never even knew could exist.


Don’t bother the beavers



This adorable little beaver has proved to all of us that he is not to be messed with. Tell him not to feed off of the grass- and he’ll feed off of the sign.


Anyone willing to hug this cactus?



While a cactus isn’t exactly the ideal thing to hug – it sure looks like it’s ready to get one! Any takers? He’ll really appreciate it!


Flirtatious Flowers



These flowers literally couldn’t be any more flirtatious even if they tried. They are all like – oh hey there, can I get your number?


The Icicle of Death



Thank the lord that this is just some ice trying to be funny. Otherwise, we would be scared out our minds!


Breaking the law, slowly



This adorable little turtle has decided to break the law. The only problem? He’s a turtle and is really slow at getting the job done.