Why Do We Need Sleep?

Sleep is one of the most essential components of our life. We all have somewhat recognized the importance of sleep after pulling an all-nighter just before an exam. It gets extremely tiring when we exceed the function limit of our body and our body starts feeling exhausted. A good night’s sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and to wave off certain diseases. Furthermore, a proper night’s sleep can lead to proper sleep and this helps you to escape a tiring body throughout. Most adults need almost seven to eight hours of peaceful sleep while younger children need more sleep as they are more likely to feel tired and exhausted.

Sleep is defined as an act of resting that is auto-tuned by the natural clock in your body. When your body feels tired and worn off, a cycle is turned on. This cycle is defined as the circadian rhythm which manages the sleep pattern. It is astonishing to note that sleep cycles are also managed by hormones named as adenosine which is formed during the day when the body feels tired and is broken down while you sleep. This cycle is repeated throughout your life.

Furthermore, there are many factors that influence your sleep patterns and the most important of all is the environment. Your body gets used to the daily environment. Even when you brush your teeth, your body realizes that it’s time for you to rest. Usually, people create specific nighttime routines to signify to their brain that it’s time to relax. Moreover, light intensity also plays a very important role in determining the intensity of your sleep. If you are someone who likes to sleep in the dark, it will be extremely difficult for you to sleep in a room full of light.