Why Everyone Loves Georgian Food

Who doesn’t love comfort food? When we think of cuisines that are known for their comfort foods, we usually think of Italy. However, as much as we love pasta and pizza, Georgian cuisine offers up some pretty serious competition. These Eastern European dishes are rich, hearty, and usually involve freshly made dough. Here are some Georgian recipes that are sure to make your dinner guests feel right at home.


Getty Images/Tamar Mirianashvili/Moment

Every culture has its own variation of this comforting dish. Khinkali is a Georgian dumpling that originated in the country’s mountain regions. The fillings vary with the area, but the original recipe, also known as khevsuruli, consisted of only minced meat, onions, chili, salt, pepper, and cumin. In modern times, herbs such as parsley and cilantro are added, while meat can be replaced with mushrooms, potatoes, or cheese.