Why Jennifer Garner Is The Most Beautiful Woman Inside And Out

Jennifer Garner is far more than just a pretty face and a talented actress. Garner has a pure heart of gold and has successfully managed to balance her life as a Hollywood actress, devoted mother, friend, activist and businesswoman too, making her beautiful in so many ways, both inside and out.  Even after her breakup with fellow Hollywood star Ben Affleck, she still makes sure to be the best mother she can possibly be to her children – and there’s no denying that, especially since she picks up her three children from school every single day. Affleck has also praised her efforts – saying that she’s ‘shown him the meaning of love as a mother’. 

Garner wasn’t just handed fame and success on a silver platter and has known the meaning of hard work ever since she was a little girl.  She first appeared on stage due to her love of ballet, and ever since, she’s known that real success comes from endless practice and that if you really want something, you have to work for it.  And despite all the fame she’s gained, Garner will still always be a natural, honest beauty. She’s even shared on social media that she’s not afraid to show herself without makeup or without a red-carpet-worthy outfit. 

For over ten years, Garner has been a major advocate for Save the Children’s education program and has made it her mission to provide access to early education for children across the globe – allowing them with the opportunities that they deserve to ensure a bright future.  Garner is clearly a woman that cares for others, as she’s also an animal lover of both her dog and pet chickens too. Yep, you heard that right…she’s got two pet chickens named Hennifer and Regina George. Well done Jen. Thank you for never failing to inspire us to be the best people we can possibly be!