Why You Should Play With Your Pets

Dogs and cats make great friends for men, and spending time outside running with your dog or waving a teaser toy for your cat may be fun for both of you. Playtime with your pets is not only an enjoyable activity, but they are also beneficial to their health.

Regular exercise is essential for dogs and cats (as well as people), and it helps your pet maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, housepets can quickly become sedentary, overeat, and grow obese if not encouraged to play. On the other hand, playtime can help improve your house pet’s mood, prevent boredom, and relieve tension, in addition to protecting them from growing too fat. As pet owners, it can be challenging to find quality time to schedule exercise fun activities with your pet, primarily if you work full-time. However, making short time for tiny amounts of playtime can improve your pet’s attitude and quality of life.

Getty Images / Moment / Image by Chris Winsor

In addition to promoting healthy living outcomes for your pet, exercising and playing with your pet is a light-hearted activity that relieves pet stress and leads to relaxation. Frequent playtime encounters with your pet allow you to spend quality time with your pet and give them your undivided attention while doing something they enjoy. In addition, this exercise is a vital component of bonding with your dogs and developing trust.

Because they don’t have a proper outlet for all of their pent-up energy, dogs and cats who don’t spend enough time playing can develop behavioral issues. Games like fetch are fun, but consider agility classes if your dog requires more intense exercise. As cat parents, you should create exercises that help your cats release pent-up energy. Cats are predators at heart, and some games let them go and give in to their instincts for a few minutes. An activity like this helps curb bad behavior in the future.