Why Your Cat Needs A Cat Tower

Cats are independent and curious creatures. They love to run around and explore things, but they also like their alone time and privacy away from everyone else. One of the favorite pastimes of most cats is observing. They absolutely love watching things, maybe even plotting at the same time. One of the best things you can buy or even make for your cat that’ll tick all of these boxes is a cat tower or cat tree.

One of the main things that these towers offer is height. Cats absolutely love to be high up, it gives them a perfect vantage point to observe everything going on around them, and just keep an eye on their humans. Most cat trees provide some sort of perch or cubby for them to curl up on for a cat-nap. But be careful if you place it next to a taller piece of furniture because your furry friend will most likely hop on top of that too, to achieve even more height.

Getty Images / Moment / Sinisa Kukic

As well as observing their indoor surroundings, placing a cat tree, of any height, near a window, can provide your kittie with hours of entertainment. Spying on the neighbor’s dog, or the neighborhood birds, can keep her stimulated for a long time! With the help of their flexibility, cats love climbing and jumping from place to place. Most cat trees are built from multiple levels, allowing them to bounce their way up to the top. Often, there are little mice or fluffy toys along the way for them to play with.

Quite importantly, a cat tower will provide your cat with a personal space of its own. Since you yourself won’t be climbing up there, the tower will smell mainly of them, which makes them feel like it belongs to them, and can often help reduce anxiety when they’re feeling unsettled. Between mini houses, hammocks, domes and tunnels, there’s usually a perfect place for your cat to take their much-needed cat naps. Whether you choose to buy one or build one yourself, your kittie will be forever grateful for this wonderful gift.