Winter Foods to Keep You Warm

We all know how winter is all about warmth and ensuring that you stay cozy throughout your day. With the arrival, we are keener to have soups and warm drinks. Soups bring so much warmth to the table that it allows the family to bond. These drinks can be an excellent way to ensure that the body feels warmer without any added extra effort. This can only be possible if we take maximum use of all our kitchen recipes and bring out our recipe book for the winter.

Soups and dumplings are one of the most favorite foods of the season. The article will teach you on how to make the best dumplings in a restaurant style and you don’t even need to go to a fancy restaurant to experience the same flavor. These homemade dumplings are an excellent competition to your favorite restaurant ones. Just knead your dough by mixing equal parts water and flour. This will help you to get started with the recipe. Letting the dough rest for a while is a crucial step as this will help to form gluten in the dough. Then, get your minced chicken or beef, whatever you prefer. Beef is a good alternative as it is extremely juicy and can retain its flavor at high temperatures but with chicken you have to be very careful and ensure that you do not overdo the meat. Add in a good amount of soy sauce and mix well. This will help you to ensure that the salty flavor in the chicken is uniform. Add in more water and cook until the color of the meat has changed. Roll out your dough and mix really well. Fry them over a shallow pan or until golden brown.