Woman Finds Teddy Bear With Her Late Mother’s Voice Recording

Many of us have had awful moving experiences at one point or another. However, a woman named Mara Soriano of Vancouver, Canada recently went through an experience so heartwrenching that it tops the list. Luckily, all’s well that ends well, and Soriano’s story ends on a positive note. It all started when she was moving apartments. In the middle of moving her things, she received a phone call that temporarily distracted her. While she was helping her friend, her bags were left unattended, and one of them was snatched. Unfortunately, that stolen bag held an incredibly priceless item inside it: a teddy bear with a voice recording of Soriano’s late mother on it, telling her daughter that she loves her. Soriano quickly turned to social media and issued a plea to her friends and neighbors to help her locate the stolen teddy bear.

“STOLEN: A Herschel Backpack full of our important documents were stolen out of an Alley in the west end today,” Soriano’s Instagram post began. “In it was my iPad pro (full of videos of me and my mom not on iCloud) and Apple Pencil, my Nintendo Switch (RIP my Island) and most importantly, the two last remaining things I have that my mom gave me: Her Mickey Mouse wallet and a Build a Bear with her voice recording saying that she loves me.” She finished off the post with a desperate request, adding, “PLEASE, I don’t care about the electronics, I just want my bear back (and maybe my citizenship card cause I can’t do anything without it). If you spot it anywhere, please give me a DM. Thank you.”

Getty Images/(c) Harold Lloyd/Moment

As the search was shared amongst friends, it also caught the eye of one very famous and beloved celebrity – Ryan Reynolds. The Canadian actor, who has a huge social media following, made an offer to the person who could reunite Soriano and her precious bear. “Vancouver: $5,000 to anyone who returns this bear to Mara. Zero questions asked. I think we all need this bear to come home,” the 43-year-old star tweeted on July 26. Just a few days later, Reynolds had some happy news to share: the bear had been returned to its rightful owner by two good samaritans. Unsurprisingly, considering Reynolds’s popularity and the heartwarming nature of the story, the news of the bear’s return went viral overnight. Soriano personally showed her gratitude in a follow-up Instagram post, writing, “TWO KIND SAMARITANS MET WITH US TONIGHT. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. MAMABEAR IS HOME.”