Older Woman Gets Awesome Hairstyle And Inspires Others

It’s usually young people that we see getting edgy haircuts and dying their hair in cool hair colors. This makes sense because after all, it’s natural to love trying out new trends when you’re young and don’t really have to conform yourself to workplace rules and other societal constructs. However, there’s no rule against older people rocking these funky trends as well, even if it’s more unusual to see examples of this on a day-to-day basis. Well, just recently, one woman decided to turn this outdated stereotype on its head, and the results are fabulous.

Patti Smeed, a 74-year-old woman, has been sporting a natural shade of red hair since back in the 1980s. However, she recently decided that it was about time to switch things up a bit when it came to her more conservative hairdo. Luckily, her son is a master colorist and cosmetologist, so when she came to him about changing her look, he was happy to help. Today, Smeed is rocking her own unique hairstyle that features several different hues, including blue, dark blue, magenta, purple, green, pink, as well as some of her remaining bleached blond color. Thankfully for the rest of us, Smeed decided to tweet out some pictures of her freshly dyed hair, along with some inspiring words.

“I am 74 years young and had this done to my hair today, I love it! What do you all think and be honest! In my profession, I had to be conservative and never could have had anything like this!” Unsurprisingly, Smeed’s tweet went totally viral. She garnered nearly 370K likes for her new look, and that’s not all. She has also received a flood of retweets and replies to her thread, with many older people sharing photos of their own brave hairdos. Clearly, Smeed’s tweet has inspired many people, particularly older folks, who have decided not to follow the crowd but to challenge societal stereotypes instead. From spiky blue hair to long flowing purple locks, these people are proving that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and that there is no “right” age to rock these daring trends.