Woman Helps Boys Who Were About To Steal

One seriously kindhearted woman decided to step in and take action when she noticed that two boys were about to commit a crime.

Nana Asante was shopping in Walmart and saw that two young boys were acting rather strangely.  She saw one of the boys shield the other as he put something into his pocket. She realized they were about to steal, and felt compelled to prevent it from happening.

Nana saw the security guard walking towards them and before they could get caught, she took them to the cash register and told them to place whatever was in their pockets in her cart.

They placed a $4 deoderant in her cart, and she right away knew that something was wrong. Who steals for such a small amount? The little boy apologized to her and explained that their mother had passed away and that they struggle financially living with their grandmother and other siblings.

Nana told them to always ask instead of stealing, and gave her all the cash she had in her wallet. Way to go girl!