Women Are Starting To Stop Shaving

While it might sound rather surprising, more and more women are stopping to shave! The idea of shaving body hair has been around since ancient times in Rome and Egypt, where keeping it was considered uncivilized and socially unacceptable. But the times are changing, and many women in modern society have started to keep their body hair and forget about the concept of shaving. What are the reasons behind this new stance?

Well, many women are starting to see it as a form of self-acceptance and self-love for their bodies. Beauty standards ever since the beginning of time have always managed to make women feel insecure about their appearance – and body hair is without a doubt in this category.  And that’s exactly why modern women are now once and for all deciding to put themselves first, and are accepting the fact that haters are always going to hate.  

Perhaps taking a stance against shaving is also a way of making a powerful statement to the world, especially since shaving can be a seriously time consuming and stressful undertaking that we don’t all have the energy to invest in. There’s so much pressure to always smooth, soft skin, and these hairs grow back pretty darn quickly. Women and here to take a stance and let the world know that they’re fed up with shaving!

And for other women, leaving their body hairs may simply be for a variety of health reasons, with some women even feeling as though it makes them smellier when they are hairless, despite the fact that many other women feel the exact opposite.  Some are also tired of frustrating rashes and skin irradiation from shaving. Overall, however, it seems as though this no-shave movement is really to make a point that beauty standards are being redefined and that there’s no reason to be ashamed of our true, natural beauty!