World’s Most Expensive Dishes

The most expensive food in the world is typically luxurious and high-end items that are not easily accessible to the average person. Caviar has always been called the “dish of the rich”, and it is so for all the right reasons. Not only are they attractive to look at, but they also have a silky texture and a fishy taste, and the pearl size beads fall into your mouth as you chew them. Caviar is fish eggs from a specific type of fish, Sturgeon. They usually come in black, olive green, gray, and orange colors. There are different types of caviar, and the price range depends on the type and quality. Beluga caviar is the most expensive variety, and the price range is even higher.

There are many reasons associated with the high cost of lobster, one of which is its popularity. Lobster, once considered a poor man’s protein, is now famous as an expensive delicacy. Currently, lobsters are in such high demand and widely consumed to the extent that is considered a luxury and high-quality seafood product. With less quantity of lobsters due to increased demand, market prices rose over time and continue to do so. Another reason for it being expensive is that shipping lobsters is costly. Shipping lobsters across the country is expensive because they must be eaten as soon as possible. They must be alive in transit if they are going to be alive in the restaurant. Restaurants then have to add these hefty shipping fees before selling to customers.

Often considered the pinnacle of fine dining, Kobe beef commands a high price. However, many people find that the taste and quality of Kobe beef are worth the price. Kobe beef is a type of high-quality beef that comes from a specific breed of cattle called Tajima Wagyu, and these cattle are usually fed unique grain and grasses. These cattle are raised in particular ways, given a controlled diet, and given regular messages to help tenderize the meat. The rarity of this cattle is one of the factors for its high price.