You Better (not) Hurry

Have you been feeling a little run down lately? A bit overwhelmed? Or even maybe a bit anxious? Do you feel like you must have something to do at all times to catch up to others who seem to have it all figured out for themselves? It’s one task after the other, and it never seems to end because your schedule keeps piling up with new ventures and tasks, just to keep up with the fast-changing world. Life keeps moving faster – and so must you if you don’t want to end up falling behind everyone else.

But in this hustle, most of us forget about the most essential part of our work schedules: we forget to take a break. Our rapid pace of life is devastating for our mental health and productivity. We live our entire life rushing from one task to the next, in a whirlwind of chaos that often leads to burnout, and without proper breaks in our schedules or vacations to unwind ourselves, to bring us back to our basepoint, we run the risk of overheating and possible stress-induced illnesses.

Getty Images / Moment / robert reader

As a society, we have come to glorify ‘busy’ and associate it with being important and worthy, even if the time is not used productively. But being busy all the time makes us absentminded and careless, which often leads to missed opportunities that we cannot get back later. Taking up too many tasks simultaneously causes us to put in less time and effort in everything, steering us toward less efficient results, which in any case, becomes unproductive. When we cannot give our undivided attention to whatever is in front of us, what’s the point of taking up too much work?

It’s not always easy to say no to new endeavors or to slow down in this busy world, especially when most of us feel pressured to outperform our every task but in order to outdo the rest, you must take breaks and restock on your creativity and vigor. So, next time when you’re swarmed with work, take a break to boost productivity, even if that seems contradictory.